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The 2023 review

“IP-focused SKC Law prides itself on its high-quality solutions and being exceptionally easy to work with. Keeping patron satisfaction at the forefront, the firm adopts a flexible, responsive and clear approach to ensure a pleasant experience for all involved. While the outfit is a formidable presence across the whole spectrum of IP matters, its contentious practice is further strengthened by an in-house investigation team, and a close connection to government authorities. The latter is often leveraged by seasoned Purnomo Suryomurcito, a cosmopolitan expert renowned for his effective, airtight enforcement strategies.”

“Equally impressive in contentious matters is Andrew Conduit, a multilingual foreign advocate whose unique perspective allows him to perfectly anticipate the needs of international entities. Together with Suryomurcito and with close cooperation of the authorities, Conduit broke distribution chains of counterfeit corn seeds that were harming the local farming communities. Almost 7,000kg of counterfeit successfully seed was seized on behalf of SKC’s client, Syngenta Participations. The two practitioners’ other enforcement project resulted in the seizure of almost 25,000 bottles of counterfeit Yamaha motorcycle lubricant. Well-experienced in both IP and commercial issues, Nidya Kalangie is appreciated for her business acumen and sought out by big names across all fields. She recently advised AstraZeneca on brand protection, and helped FIFA succeed in oppositions.”