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The 2024 review

““SKC Law provide excellent service. They are very professional, detailed and work in a timely manner.” Maintaining the gold standard for yet another year, premium IP boutique SKC Law handles all aspects of patents in an efficient and innovative manner. The sizeable yet close-knit team delivers innovative advice on complex matters, in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. One of the firm’s three co-founders, business-savvy Nidya Kalangie is as accomplished as she is well rounded, handling a wide array of contentious and non-contentious matters in an efficient and practical way. Her English proficiency and tailored, out-of-the-box solutions have earned her the patronage of local and foreign patrons of all shapes and sizes, from SMEs to blue chips. She recently advised technology company GoTo on prosecution and strategy matters. Leveraging a wide network of contacts within the enforcement authorities, seasoned and straightforward Purnomo Suryomurcito wins over multinationals such as Nike with his sure grasp of legal intricacies of the local criminal enforcement system. He is an expert in achieving his clients’ business goals, by creating airtight enforcement plans and masterfully handling compliance issues. Renowned for his dispute resolution skills and clear, practical advice, Andrew Conduit is in high demand among those in need of holistic, commercially savvy strategies and assistance in complex disputes. His deep cultural awareness and linguistic capabilities – he speaks English, Indonesian and Japanese – allow him to seamlessly handle matters on behalf of both local and international patrons. In the past year he has provided OPPO with a patent infringement analysis, and advised on civil litigation strategy and criminal infringement proceedings. With more than a decade of experience, business-minded senior associate Bagus Lestanto dispenses effective advice on both contentious and non-contentious IP matters. Along with Kalangie and Conduit, he advised Yamaha Motor on the management of its patent portfolio. Proactive and strategically minded Krishna Dibyatara excels at dealing with enforcement matters, especially infringement. In tandem with Suryomurcito and Conduit, he was in charge of the anti-counterfeiting scheme on behalf of Syngenta.”


The 2023 review

““Professional and reliable, SKC provides excellent service. Their work is outstandingly detailed, and they always provide a clear timeline for their work.” Innovative and dynamic IP boutique SKC Law offers holistic patent care of the highest standards. On the prosecution side, the outfit gives a helping hand to some of the world’s leading multinationals. On the contentious front, it is known for astute dispute strategies and successful enforcement initiatives. It also boasts an in-house investigations practice. The firm is unwaveringly dedicated to making a positive social impact – testament to that is its commitment to sustainability and its work on cases where it can protect vulnerable populations. One of the experts on such work is enforcement virtuoso Purnomo Suryomurcito, who has over two decades in IP practice and a strong background in economic law and mediation. He recently assisted Syngenta in capturing almost 7 tonnes of counterfeit corn seeds – thus protecting the best interests of vulnerable farmers in regional Indonesia. Working alongside Suryomurcito on the Syngenta case was Andrew Conduit, a Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese-speaking foreign advocate, whose extensive international experience and in-depth IP knowledge allow him to dispense practical, multidimensional advice to foreign clients. Similarly well rounded, Nidya Kalangie blends strong business acumen with sharp IP know-how; aside from captaining the prosecution team, she is also an active presence in litigation and commercialisation matters. Together with Conduit, Kalangie counselled AstraZeneca on protecting its IP rights, and Novell Pharma on a dispute strategy; their advice led to the successful resolution of both matters.”


The 2022 review

“Supremely efficient and cost-effective, SKC Law adapts easily to patrons’ needs. With a dynamic ensemble of 42 professionals, this forward-looking, full-service IP practice draws in corporations of the highest calibre. One of the magnets for such clientele is prosecution and litigation department head Nidya Kalangie, whose vast experience earned her the role of managing a design patent portfolio for Yamaha Motor. Her colleague, multilingual foreign lawyer Andrew Conduit navigates the Indonesian IP landscape with ease. Completing the team is foreign entities’ favourite Purnomo Suryomurcito, whose close ties with relevant authorities make him a go-to lawyer for any enforcement matter. The trio has recently joined forces in a counselling and enforcement case for Hensley Industries.”


The 2021 review

“Full-service IP practice SKC Law shines bright in the patent enforcement space, as a client fervently acknowledges: “Well-connected with law enforcement agencies and customs, the outfit organises and carries out enforcement actions in a professional manner, through a well-trained ensemble that can work under pressure and deal with challenging environments. They are also flexible and willing to adopt new strategies to satisfy customers’ requirements.” At the helm of the enforcement department is Purnomo Suryomurcito, who is representing Hensley Industries in patent rights enforcement through criminal infringement proceedings. Nidya Kalangie leads on the prosecution front – she is assisting Yamaha Motor in prosecuting their design patent portfolio. A fluent Bahasa Indonesian and Japanese speaker, foreign advocate Andrew Conduit is thoroughly familiar with the local IP landscape after spending two decades in the country.”


The 2020 review

““Extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in patent practice, SKC Law gets things done with minimal fuss. Its advisers are forthcoming and articulate in addressing client concerns and maintain a solid international network of foreign associates.” Purnomo Suryomurcito is an authority on enforcement whose dedication, smarts and strong adherence to international best practice are key to keeping malicious infringers in check. Patent prosecution and commercialisation briefs go to Nidya Kalangie. With a keen eye for detail, she also knows her way around the red tape. Foreign advocate Andrew Conduit is fluent in English, Indonesian and Japanese. He knows the lay of the land, having lived in Indonesia for over 15 years.”


The 2019 review

“SKC Law is a tantalising option for foreign associates in search of top-flight representation in Indonesia. Numerous law firms and patent attorney firms already entrust their national phase entry filings to SKC Law and the recent rise in the number of instructions received is sure-fire sign of the firm’s enduring service quality and responsiveness. Prosecution aside, the firm takes strategic outlook to enforcing patents and does a fine job navigating rights holders to stop infringement by third parties. Prosecution and litigation team leader Nidya Kalangie enjoys cordial working relationships with the DGIP and can push patents to grant even in the knottiest of situations. Head of the patent enforcement team, Purnomo Suryomurcito thinks out of the box to come up with strategic plans to enforce patents; most recently he mobilised the authorities to conduct criminal raids on alleged infringers of a method patent relating belonging to Hensley Industries. Finally, Andrew Conduit plays an integral role in client relationships by closing cultural and linguistic gaps.”


The 2018 review

“Recognised for its lightning-fast response times, SKC Law is unwavering in its focus on results and does a top job tailoring its services and solutions to fit the needs of each client. Nothing is off limits for the firm, which serves as a one stop shop for companies looking to protect, defend, enforce and commercially exploit their intangible assets. Nidya Kalangie is responsible for the prosecution of design patents for Yamaha Motor and utility patents for numerous other clients. For international companies, foreign advocate Andrew Conduit is also a key contact given his Indonesian language skills, and cultural and legal understanding.”


The 2017 review

“Vibrant boutique SKC Law excels across the IP spectrum – in prosecution, commercialisation and litigation. Cosmopolitan in its outlook, the firm is a top pick for international corporations, which appreciate its finessed client-handling. Dispensing judicious advice which goes straight to the heart of the matter, its professionals help clients to implement tailor-made solutions. Shrewd adviser Nidya Kalangie is an important contact.”


The 2016 review

“Progressive outfit SKC Law is taking Indonesia by storm. Companies looking for incisive strategies to protect their innovations are well served by the cosmopolitan, three-lawyer crew. Clients especially value its comprehensive offering, which ranges from clearance, filing and dispute resolution to advisory and transactional services. Corporate and IP expert Nidya Kalangie is a key contact.”