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Azuri Nasution

A dedicated IP lawyer focusing on innovation and technology. He experts in trademark and trade secret law through his past experiences.

Azuri Nasution


Azuri is a committed and knowledgeable Intellectual Property Lawyer with a strong interest in innovation and technology. He has honed his skills in trademark, copyright, and trade secret law through his previous experiences. Azuri has successfully advised clients in a variety of industries, including technology and entertainment, on intellectual property rights protection. With his profound understanding of IP law, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex legal issues, he provides practical and effective solutions to his clients, making him a proven “problem-solver” for his clients.

Professional experience

Azuri is a highly accomplished lawyer, possessing a Bachelor of Law degree from Pancasila University, with a specialization in Criminal Law. With extensive experience in the legal field, including working in the government institution of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Azuri has developed a deep understanding of local matters, complemented by his valuable experience gained as an IP Practitioner at a top-tier IP law firm. With exceptional communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills, Azuri has demonstrated his ability to handle complex legal matters with confidence and professionalism. As a highly motivated individual, Azuri is committed to providing exceptional legal services.

Personal interests

He’s a gym enthusiast known for his dedication to fitness. With a discerning taste for regional delicacies, he’s your go-to for culinary recommendations. Beyond fitness and cooking, Azuri is an avid gamer and passionate about traveling.