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Clara Acitya


Clara Acitya


Clara excels at paying attentive attention to subtle but important details, which strengthens her capacity for swift but significant response. She continually prioritizes customer preferences and instructions out of a sense of professionalism, which helps SKC Law provide tailored services. She is adept at multitasking, enabling her to work effectively while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, a skill she consistently demonstrates.

Professional experience

She has over five years of paralegal experience and has developed excellent teamwork and interpersonal abilities. Her ability to adjust fluidly, both professionally and personally, is noteworthy, and she exhibits a strong eagerness to learn. She has been entrusted with numerous tasks across multiple domains, which has aided her in acclimating to the legal environment in an effective way. She graduated with honors from Sanata Dharma University with a degree in English Letters.

Personal interests

Painting, culture, photography, music, and performing are among her favorite interests. The learning of languages is also an interest of hers, as she readily comprehends various tongues, demonstrating her significant interest in the field of learning since she can understand foreign languages more easily. She will gladly recommend some noteworthy songs as well as teachable foreign phrases.