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Eko Maryanto


Eko Maryanto


Eko specializes in patent, copyright, and industrial design administrative matters. In addition, he holds one of the longest tenures in SKC Law, giving him more than ten years of experience in intellectual property. Eko is also well-connected within the DGIP (Directorate General of Intellectual Property). His thoughts and insights are especially useful because he has a unique and wide approach to IP concerns.

Professional experience

He first entered the intellectual property environment in 2011, and he has continued to expand his expertise of the field ever since. Eko used to handle all IP-related administrative matters, thus he is not only knowledgeable but also intuitive in his line of work. He is also regarded as someone who can effectively gather other people and acquire essential feedback.

Personal interests

Eko enjoys badminton and might be considered one of the best badminton players in SKC Law.