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Remaldasitha Putri

Senior Paralegal

Remaldasitha Putri


Remalda’s experience working in various settings and interacting with a variety of people has given her insight into various kinds of clients and the specific needs that they have. She is a cool-headed person who can function well both as an individual and as part of a team owing to experience and knowledge. She is well known for having an eye for detail, and she successfully manages her workload while giving forth her best effort to help both her team and clients.

Professional experience

Remalda has spent many years perfecting her skills in the area of intellectual property, which is frequently described as a fast-paced working environment. She has gained an improved understanding of various cultures and work ethics thanks to her prior experience working in several multinational companies. Years of practical experience have given her a wealth of knowledge, and her secretarial degree has given her the managerial and management skills she requires to handle the daily operations of the paralegal team.

Personal interests

She is an avid fiction fan and is frequently found curled up on a sofa with her favorite book or reading on her phone. On her day off, she also enjoys going to museums, art galleries, or local parks to find a peaceful, empty place and take a break from her daily activities.