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Andrew Conduit

Strategy consultant and Leader of Dispute Resolution & Advisory Team. He has proven ability to assist clients navigate complex IP dispute resolution in Indonesia

Andrew Conduit


Andrew is uniquely qualified to advise clients on extracting value from intellectual property in Indonesia. He is able to combine legal expertise, business acumen, and cultural awareness in a holistic approach to formulating strategy. Andrew has always had a special interest in contentious IP matters, and in particular dispute systems design, dispute strategy, litigation, mediation, and negotiation. He has a firm belief that the registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights should be as straightforward and efficient as possible – IP is ultimately a tool to be leveraged to achieve organisational goals, and the priority should always be the later.

Professional experience

Andrew has been practising law since 2004. He is admitted to practise before the High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of Queensland. He is also registered as a mediator in Indonesia with the Nasional Mediation Centre. His tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (specialising in Indonesian & Japanese), a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Education & Training, a Master of Laws (specialising in intellectual property and dispute resolution), and a Master of Business Administration. He worked at top-tier Australian and UK firms before establishing SKC Law in 2011, and is active in industry associations.

Personal interests

Andrew has a diverse range of personal interests including a passion for life-long learning, a love of sports, and an appreciation of music. In his spare time you can expect to find him travelling, surfing, scuba diving or hitting the snow. Preferably with his Shiba-Inu puppy.