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Hardiana Clarisa

Graduate Lawyer

Hardiana Clarisa


Ever since her academic days, she has developed a keen interest in technology law and intellectual property (IP). Clarisa has demonstrated her competence in performing in-depth research, legal reasoning, and legal writing by her active participation in a number of research competitions, journal authoring, and legal opinion provision. Her career path provides additional evidence of her persistence and fortitude, demonstrating her dedication to success in all undertakings. With these skills and experiences, she promises clients dedicated and thoughtful legal advice, ensuring diligent and successful outcomes in every endeavor.


Professional experience

Clarisa earned her bachelor’s degree from Universitas Indonesia with a specialization in intellectual property and technology. Prior to this, she gained valuable experience at a top-tier law firm and served as an in-house legal counsel, focusing on intellectual property and litigation. Throughout her professional journey, she acquired knowledge in the fast-paced industry, honing her ability to think critically in legal terms. She is equipped to provide insightful and comprehensive legal support, combining theoretical understanding with practical know-how to assist clients effectively.


Personal interests

During her free time, she indulges in activities like yoga or Pilates to stay active. Catching up with friends is a must, where she shares knowledge and explores new restaurants in different places, creating a perfect blend of relaxation, socializing, and culinary adventures.