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Ignasius Laya

IP Lawyer who is an exceptional communicator and dedicated to making sure that his clientele is satisfied with the results of his work.

Ignasius Laya


Ignas possesses a broad spectrum of skills that have proven revealed to be useful for establishing connections and effectively communicating with all the parties involved in his line of work. He is a valuable asset to the company due to his impressive persistence in seeking a specialization in intellectual property. He is now an even more dependable lawyer for current clients and a valued lawyer for prospective clients thanks to his extensive expertise in enforcing trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Ignas is an exceptional communicator who is dedicated to making sure that his clientele is satisfied with the results of his work.

Professional experience

Ignas is a highly qualified professional with an education in both law and communication science. In addition to receiving a law degree from MPU Tantular University in Jakarta, he also earlier graduated from YAI University in Jakarta with a degree in communication science. Ignas has extensive knowledge and significant expertise in assisting numerous clients in intellectual property enforcement in Indonesia thanks to his years of experience as a journalist and eight years at SKC Law. He is frequently sought out for his knowledge of the most recent developments and trends in intellectual property law because of his widely known expertise in the field.

Personal interests

Ignas is a highly curious and intellectually engaged individual who values knowledge and is committed to staying up-to-date with current trends. To stay abreast of the latest developments, Ignas regularly reads newspapers and magazines, he also leverages the power of the internet to explore a wide range of resources, from academic articles and research papers to industry reports and online forums.