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Irawan, or Iwan as he is more often known, has an exceptional work ethic; he continues to give positive outcomes at work while also maintaining the capacity to conduct socializing with parties in order to create and maintain solid relationships. His DGIP (Directorate General of Intellectual Property) link makes him an irreplaceable employee at SKC Law.

Professional experience

Iwan began his professional career as an honorary employee at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP), where he gained an adequate foundation in intellectual property law. He joined SKC Law in 2014 and has since built an extensive network within the DGIP office. Iwan is regarded as an expert in trademark-related administrative matters. His remarkable communication abilities have been important in developing relations and ensuring smooth interactions with government officials.

Personal interests

He used to play soccer and badminton, but now badminton is his favourite sport. He actively participates in the sport, whether it’s neighbourhood contests or matches against other workplaces. Iwan and Eko are still up for debate as the best badminton players in SKC Law.