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Komalasari Kusuma Wardhani

Skilled Paralegal

Komalasari Kusuma Wardhani


Mala is a skilled paralegal with experience in customer relations and digital marketing. Her diverse work experience has developed transferable skills that allow her to collaborate effectively with teams. Mala’s proficiency in communication and adaptability makes her an invaluable resource to clients seeking exceptional service and results. Mala’s positive attitude and willingness to learn make her a true professional who is committed to delivering the best results for her clients and colleagues alike.

Professional experience

Mala is a highly motivated and driven individual who made a career transition to the legal industry and is now a valued member of SKC. As a paralegal, she collaborates closely with attorneys, a senior paralegal, and a partner on matters related to enforcement and intelligence, bringing her strong work ethic and dedication to every task. With a passion for her work and a deep sense of pride in achieving her goals, Mala is constantly striving to improve her skills and knowledge. Her commitment to professional development and continuous learning is evident in the quality of her work and the results she delivers.

Personal interests

Mala is a nature enthusiast who loves exploring the great outdoors. She is always eager to discover new cultures and experiences and is constantly seeking out new adventures. She loves exploring the world around her.