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Krishna Dibyatara

Infringing products specialist
Senior Associate

Krishna Dibyatara


Krishna has been advising international and domestic clients from various sectors of industry on a wide range of Intellectual Property (IP) matters in Indonesia for nearly a decade.  He has vast experience in devising anti-counterfeiting programmes alongside enforcement authorities to address emerging threats of infringing products during Indonesia’s newly developed digital economy. His strategic approach to dealing with enforcement issues has allowed him to deliver effective solutions that help the industry’s business flow and achieve credible results recognized by top-tier rating organizations. Krishna is recommended to take care of your IP concerns since he consistently demonstrates attention to his profession and is a man of focus.

Professional experience

Over several years prior joining the Enforcement & Intelligence Team, Krishna was a member of the Prosecution & Litigation Team where he assisted clients with IP portfolio management, IP due diligence, as well as IP-related disputes.  The interplay between his experience in contentious and non-contentious work has become a strong leverage in delivering tailor-made solutions that reflect the clients’ best interests in overcoming the complexity of IP matters. Krishna graduated with honor from the University of Tarumanegara where he cultivated his passion in the Intellectual Property Law.  He is a member of the Association of Intellectual Property Attorneys (AKHKI). 

Personal interests

Outside of work, Krishna enjoys a wide range of activities that keep him occupied and contented. One of his biggest interests is music, and he enjoys listening to a wide variety of genres. He also enjoys the rush of competitive video gaming a fan of automotives as well. Overall, Krishna has a well-rounded personality thanks to his wide range of interests.