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Lia Sugihartini

Work Experience - Lia Sugihartini
Senior Paralegal

Lia Sugihartini


Handle multiple tasks and deadlines effectively? That would be Lia’s responsibility because she values clients’ satisfaction above all else and is aware of the fast-paced climate that law firms typically employ. She is also proactive and well-organized, which makes her competent at handling difficult professional circumstances. She has a history of working with other departments to come up with a sensible answer. She is undoubtedly a professional given her 20 years of work experience, with a consistent dedication to offering clients a high-quality service while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Professional experience

Lia completed her diploma in Management and Secretarial studies at Don Bosco, Jakarta, in 2003. She began her career as a Public Relations professional at Radio Prambors Jakarta, before moving on to work in Corporate Communications for a leading terrestrial TV station in Indonesia. Lia joined SKC Law in 2013 and has been a valuable member of the team ever since. She was inspired to join SKC Law by her love of music and her curiosity for the field of intellectual property protection. She is aware of the need of copyright protection in preserving artistic creations, particularly in the music sector. Lia once co-founded a printed music magazine with her coworkers in order to create a platform for local musicians.

Personal interests

“My music player, my private paradise” – Act of Faythe (Dream Theater)