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Roy Rinaldo Lumbantoruan

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Roy Rinaldo Lumbantoruan


In addition to his expertise in intellectual property law, Roy possesses a passion for digital art and music. Because of his distinct set of interests, he can provide complete legal advice to clients looking to navigate the complicated intellectual property landscape and defend their rights and interests. His awareness of both the technical and artistic parts of these businesses enable him to effectively engage with clients and provide tailored legal advice that considers their specific needs and challenges. His passion for digital art and music motivates him to stay current on the newest innovations in these sectors, allowing him to provide clients with a forward-thinking and strategic approach to intellectual property protection.

Professional experience

Roy began his career at a prominent intellectual property firm in Jakarta, where he specialized in trademark prosecution. He then moved to a litigation department of another law firm, where he gained valuable experience in both commercial and intellectual property litigation. In addition, he provided strategic advice to agency clients on intellectual property aspects of media and content production. At Prosecution and Litigation team, he handles various cases including dispute and court proceedings. 

Roy earned his degree from Padjadjaran University in 2019, majoring in Information Communication Technology and Intellectual Property Law. His studies focused on community-based intellectual property, including geographical indications and traditional cultural expressions. During his academic years, he gained several awards and honours from national moot court competitions, demonstrating his strong dedication to the field litigation proceedings.

Personal interests

Looking for something to watch during your free time? Ask him for a recommendation for good movies or series, and you may debate the plot and even find the hidden easter egg in the movie with him. Don’t start with Marvel theories with him, it can take the whole day.