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Shinta Yunita

Seasoned Paralegal
Senior Paralegal

Shinta Yunita


As one of our longest-tenured employees at SKC Law, Shinta’s expertise and experience are somewhat irreplaceable. Having participated in the early stages of the firm’s development, she undoubtedly has an understanding of the difficulties that firms may encounter and how to design effective strategies to deal with them. She has developed a wide range of skills, good multitasking ability, and a strong work ethic as a result of these experiences, making her well-prepared for professional challenges across a variety of industries.

Professional experience

Shinta’s broad range of skills are a result of her experience across several sectors / industries. She has learned a lot about document management and how to improve client-business communication by working in an intellectual property firm. She is able to remain composed under pressure by managing documents in a fast-paced workplace and ensuring that client communications are error-free.Her attention to detail has improved because to this experience. She also learned more about administrative processes, such as planning schedules, managing databases, and conducting general office duties, during her tenure at the heavy equipment company.

Personal interests

Shinta has a keen interest in indulging in the delightful world of shopping, exploring fashion trends, and enhancing her personal style to feel confident and express herself in unique and captivating ways.