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Silvia Ariani

Patent Paralegal

Silvia Ariani


Silvia is a driven, goal-oriented individual who handles her job with determination. She has a strong work ethic and a commitment to achieving her goals, and whether working alone or with a team, she is ready to go above and beyond to complete the task. Clients don’t have to be concerned as much when Silvia assists them with their concerns. Her capacity for teamwork allows her to successfully collaborate while also fostering a positive workplace environment.

Professional experience

With a total of 6 years spent concentrating on patent prosecution issues, Silvia has accumulated extensive expertise in intellectual property. She is now able to handle cases involving patents with an efficient and practical strategy thanks to the invaluable knowledge she has acquired through experience. In order to produce the best results possible, she has also consistently provided optimal filing services.

Personal interests

One of Silvia’s favorite pastimes is reading. Due to her prior study of history, she chooses to read writings by great philosophers. She finds reading such works gives her a better understanding of the complexity of the human mind and how it functions. In summary, it helps her gain a better grasp of how people think.