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Syafa Noer

Common Law Expert Syafa
Junior Associate

Syafa Noer


Syafa not only has a strong academic foundation in law but also recognizes that knowledge extends beyond textbooks. This leads her to enroll in the University of New South Wales’ Study Abroad Program, which helps her gain a deeper comprehension of the Common Law system and its practices. Her exposure to both the Common Law and Civil Law systems has helped her develop her own legal thinking abilities. Her ability to relate to the academic and cultural norms of two distinct countries gives her an edge in providing clients with high-quality results.

Professional experience

Despite being fresh out of university, Syafa already has a solid foundation in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Starts by taking part in the Second IP and Innovation Researchers of Asia (IPIRA) conference. She then completes a thesis on the comparison of Indonesian 3D trademarks and the idea of trade dress, earning an A and graduating with honors from the Faculty of Law at Universitas Indonesia. Her early successes translucent in comparison to her drive to develop and increase her chances of future success.

Personal interests

Aside from Syafa’s professional life, she maintains her personal interests on weekends. She is as keen as mustard to go on a culinary trips, whether it is for contemporary or traditional cuisine. She will not be burdened by leaving Jakarta’s urban metropolis to sample new popular f&b. Leaving the urban city of Jakarta to sample new popular f&b will not be an issue for her.