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Prosecution and Litigation

For every IP problem
our Prosecution & Litigation Team has a solution.

We devote time to ideate ways to achieve client goals more effectively, assess the efficacy of cost-cutting solutions, and reduce administrative burdens. Our line-of-sight proximity to the IP Office means our people can be immediately assigned to solve problems in person.

Our core services include

Cancellation, deletion, and infringement proceedings heard before the semi-specialist Commercial Court. Relatively quick and low cost compared with more developed legal jurisdictions.

A holistic look at IP portfolios to identify gaps, cost-efficient solutions, and creative troubleshooting. Indonesia is unique (e.g. no workable unfair competition / passing off actions) and strategy needs to adjust accordingly.

Taking risk off the table with assessments of availability for registration / use, understanding the status of third party rights, and obtaining registrations to protect client intellectual property.

Case Study

Nidya Kalangie

Nidya leads our Prosecution & Litigation Team. She:

  • is recognized as a source of business-oriented advice on the protection and commercialization of intellectual property in Indonesia;
  • possesses strong analytical skills with high integrity and professionalism enabling her to provide clients with legal solutions accommodating rapidly changing laws and practices in Indonesia; and
  • has strong, solid and professional relationships with all levels of DGIP officers and a track record of achieving results for clients in tricky situations.
More About Nidya Kalangie