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Dispute Resolution and Advisory

Getting strategy right ensures that
resources can be allocated efficiently and effectively.

Drawing on our legal, commercial, and field expertise we formulate wholistic solutions to any IP challenge. Our dispute resolution and advisory team has the capacity to bridge legal, cultural, and linguistic gaps and achieve favourable outcomes.

Our core services include

We help clients identify where to play and how to win in dispute resolution and business building.

We apply an interests-based approach to negotiation to achieve outcomes that parties can commit to long-term.

Our skilled mediators facilitate open communication and guide parties towards mutually beneficial agreements. We provide a streamlined, cost-effective alternative to litigation, while preserving relationships and minimizing disruption.

Case Study

Andrew Conduit

Andrew Conduit leads our Dispute resolution & Advisory Team. He:

  • combines legal expertise, business acumen, and cultural awareness in a holistic approach to formulating strategy;
  • is uniquely qualified to bridge legal, cultural, and linguistic gaps and extract value from intellectual property in Indonesia; and
  • has proven ability to assist clients navigate complex IP dispute resolution in Indonesia.
More About Andrew Conduit